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No power hit from 240 tire?



My friend put a 240 series tire on his 02 V-Rod, he says there isn't any performance hit with the bigger meat out back. I wonder if he knows what "Unsprung weight" is?

His bike only does about 90 now, his excuse is that no one can balance his big tire.

I smell BS, what do you guys think?

Does anyone run a 240 or bigger?, Are you running as fast with it as stock?

hi earsha,

I agree, I routinely drive my bike to work on the autobahnsand routinely maintain speeds in excess of 100mph and aside from the fact that my legs tend to want to blow off the front pegs LOL and I feel like a parachute hanging on there, there should be very little vibration or out of balance going on. I'd love to take a test ride of the newer V-Rods at those speeds to see if the different riding position makes it more comfortable in the twisties and higher speeds that my '03 just isn't comfortable at, just happen to like speed and so I do it anyways...