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    I have a 1999 Electraglide with a 107 engine in it. I put it in a few years ago. Just recently I noticed I didnt have any oil pressure. I've heard of this problem before with these big engines, but cant remember the details on how to remedy the problem. Can anyone help me out?

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    Hope you shut it right OFF...

    FIRST off, You need to SEE if it is/was actually NO oil pressure...

    Do you have an Idiot light ? Do you have a pressure gauge?

    When motor was running and showed the Idiot light on (or gauge) at "0"...
    DID the engine make NOISE light tapping of the lifters? then Loud tapping of the lifters?

    IF normal sounding, then went LOUD, oil is not there.

    IF no Unusual noise was present at the lifer at idle, or running when showing "0" or red light was on, THEN it couild be as simple as a bad sending unit on the motor (right front)..
    Give me MORE information here about a gauge, light, and NOISE or Not and I'll post back some more information.

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    Welcome to The Forum, First thing is to check with a master gauge for oil pressure, you can remove the oil sender unit and tap in there, is the motor rattling? What kind of filter are you running, you may confirm this also by removing the oil filter, is it full of oil?