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No oil pressure


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Hello from New Member!
I will try to make this short. I just bought bike. It has oil pressure guage . Light no used. The pressure was good when I bought it. I took trip and when I got back the nuts around the jugs were loose and the oil was running back toward my feet. Not heavy but never the less made my boots oily and pant leg. I check the nuts and secured them and took a lock nut and secured it to top of old nut to keep them from coming loose again. This stopped the leaks . I then noticed the oil pressure guage not registering at all. I took the guage out and checked it out and it works. I started the bike while the guage was out and no pressure seemed to be coming out .I took the metal tube from the block up to the guage off and it was not stopped up. I am at a lose for another solution. Bike runs good and I feel that it must be getting enough oil. Should I change the oil completely and start over? I am somewhat of a rookie and would appreciate any ones expertise.

Howdy and welcome Sunset

It sounds as if you have a problem there. First off this is a shovel I believe and they have very low oil pressure at idle, sometimes not enough to even move the gauge. If you remove the line or the oil pressure sending unit (one or the other) and start the bike again, raise the idle a little bit to see if you indeed have oil pressure at all and if it flows out the hole. If not shut it down and I suspect a problem with the oil pump itself which you will see next to the cam cover towards the back of the bike.

If you are not confident to make this repair, then have a mechanic do it for you.
The oil pressure sending unit is not electrically connected to the oil lite in the headlight assembly.The previous owner did not like it that way and installed the pressure guage near the top by the right leg. I did disconnect the line again and there was a little oil coming from the lower connection but still would not register any sustainable pressure even while reving the engine. I reconnected them back and disconnected the line that runs back to top of oil pan. It was full of oil and did seam to return oil back through it. I also a line at the pump as well that when attempting to turn engine over it was shooting oil out. I do think the pump itselve is operating correctly. I just cannot put my hand on why the pressure was fine before the nuts had worked loose from the jugs at the base. I guess I will continue to ride and see what happens. I am baffeled.
Only think I can think of at this time is the oil pressure line may have an orifice in it like a restriction much like the pin hole size in a carb jet if you will that restricts the pressure to the gauge and it may be blocked with something. Gets misleading reading on the internet so if you checked this already , please overlook this.

Seems you have oil pressure from what you say. Can you disconnect the feed for the oil pressure gauge at the closest point to the pump and check for pressure here?