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Discussion in 'Oil' started by HarleyMike54, Jul 22, 2008.

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    My bike is a 1983 Shovelhead without an oil cooler.
    I've been running Harley oil 60w in my bike since it was rebuilt 10,000 miles ago, someone told me they run vavoline 60w oil in their shovelhead also, is there any other oil that is the same or better as the 60w Harley oil which I am scared to change since it is doing a good job. Would you just stick with what I am using. I am afraid to go to synthetics because I am afraid it will start leaking, the crude is doing a good job.

    Also I put in velva touch lifters and took out the solids and it feels like it has more power. I am running a cam with a lot of duration it's a andrews ab grind cam with 450 lift- duration 256- timing 50/26- plus an S&S E- carb plus pistons 30,000th over. The man at Comp Cams said it would probably run better with the lifters because it would have more duration, the main reason I put lifters back in it was to get rid of the noise and they work great.
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    The harley dino oil is pretty decent oil, it's just the syn oil that is junk. I would stick with it being it has served you well so far. You are correct about synthetic oil in your bike, not a good idea.