No more "Why.." questions,please.

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    To our valued members

    We frequently received questions such as
    "Why am I banned?"
    "Why is my account removed?" etc.

    This thread will give you a brief overview concerning our reasons not to respond to such questions from banned members.
    If you are banned or your account is removed by a moderator or staff, that means there is a very good reason for doing it.
    We hope there will be no more "Why.." questions after this.

    Before the staff decides to ban or remove your account they have seen, read and considered what kind of posting you have done on this forum, we even give you a warning sometimes, but sometimes you just ignore that warning and continue with the type of posting you were doing.
    We do not ban a member because of personal reasons. We always try to be objective in every decision made before it comes to this point.

    How about freedom of speech?

    We believe in freedom of speech to a certain point, but it is not wise to use that freedom of speech for abusive language, humiliating or flaming other members and showing childish behavior that we do not want to hear or see on the forum.
    What about our rights for not reading or seeing them?

    Remember, this is a public forum meaning everyone can see and read what is written here and we all have no idea whether the readers are already adult or underage that are reading. Please consider this point also.

    Remember when you registered on this forum. We provided you a link to rules, privacy policy, terms and conditions statement page and also other important links where we give you options to agree or disagree. When you decided to agree, it means you are ready to accept the consequences when you violate them.

    The rules are in place to keep the forum on target, it takes some time to make them and we also modify it from time to time to keep it current.
    If you do care and are willing to spend a few minutes to read them, we will appreciate that so you can help us out to have a better forum which we strive for.

    As you are well aware of, HDTimeline is NOT the only forum for Harley Davidsons on the Internet. If you find our rules on the forum to be too strict for your tastes, then feel free to choose a more relaxed forum where they allow language and other things that may suite you but we will miss you.
    If you decide to stay with us here on HD Talking, all we ask is that you abide by our rules of the forum.

    We also like to thank all our fine members and all HDTimeline staff for their participation in always taking care of the forum so that it is an enjoyable, easy read, and family friendly to visit.

    Without you, we are nothing.
    My hat is off to all of you for helping out.

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    Sorryx for the why... Why aren't my replies posted? Some and some aren't. No foul language at all