No More Regular Oil Filters?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by hdlover, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. hdlover

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    Went to the dealer to get a couple plain black "80A" HD oil filters and the guy said they are phasing them out and all they have is the new "premium" filters. Anyone else run into this?

  2. jacoh

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    I can't imagine that as the "premium" filters used to be specifically for the Twin Cams.

    The TC's have a 'near modern' oil distribution system, and hence, can deal with a filter that suspends a smaller particle.

    Our old tractor motor oil pump holds finer filtration as something more along the lines of a blockage.

    The newer XL's may have an improved oiler, but I don't recall reading anything about them only using the premium oil filters. Been wrong on the newer XL's before though.

    Maybe the parts guy was just looking to blow some anal smoke?
  3. diljera

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    A couple months ago, I changed my oil for the first time. I asked the dealer for a filter for my bike and they sold me this new 'premium' filter. I noticed when changing filters that the new one looked visibly different inside than the old one.

    Anyway, I couple weeks later I'm at a different HD dealership and I asked the guy at the parts counter about the filter. He tells me that the 'premium' filter will filter finer particles, but it's harder to draw the oil thru. He said the 'premium' filter is for the Twin Cams, and not the Sportsters.