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    Just a tip that I want to pass on to all members,a few months ago I had a starter Bendix go out far away from the house,I knew I had a hot battery,so I got some help,and pushed my bike off,still was a (EDIT) .You have all seen those push button manual buttons that you put on your starter Bendix.It takes about 10 minutes to install and will save you alot of grief.They sale on e-bay cheap,.

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  2. Alamo

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    You can also use a screwdriver, knife, piece of wire, pliers. Anything to short across the terminals on the starter bendix. I had to do it more than one time on my shovel. BooYah.:D
  3. gs34

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    Was digging around in a closet a wile back and came across my old Buco leather.
    Somehow, it managed to shrink over the years, and had to be retired.....but in the upper zip pocket I discovered....
    A master 1157 bulb....and a pack of matches (for sitting points etc.)
    Just left them in there and hung the jacket back up....One of these days the kids will be going thru that stuff and they'll say...Look at this...Wonder why the ole'man was carrying all this junk around?...What a pack-rat he was!!!
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Why do I not feel bad for missing out on all that? :D

    Seriously, it wasn't on a bike but I did have to use the screwdriver trick to start my junk pile '63 Chevy Impala all through high school!
  5. poohbear

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    I remember rebuilding the carb on my panhead on the side off the road....the old days a few wires to the head and tail lights, the genie and battery and your gone.
  6. mrwizz

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    Ah yes the good ol days, rebuilding the old Bendix carb along side the road..running to the auto parts store for chev. six cyl. points..repairing a worn out banana caliper in in the parking lot of a Hallmark store with shim stock made from a copper covered greeting card..replacing the frt. head gskt. on the ol pan under a shade tree in the front yard and being back on the road with the eng. still warm. Ah yes the good ol days!
  7. Breeze3at

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    A couple of comments on this thread got me in the attic to take pictures of the "starter switch" that was on my Shovel when I bought it. Nothing more than a piece of hacksaw blade filed smooth, with some elec. tape on one end. Up for start, flopping around for run. If this works, it will be a first for photobucket & me. Oh, oh, too big??
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  8. Jack Klarich

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    Breeze I like, never thought about that, bet it could get kind of hot to ho;d some times:s
  9. R_W_B

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    Neat trick Alamo. Tbones I've heard old Harley riders talk about things like that, back when I rode a Honda and envied them. Fact is though since Harleys got more dependable with the EVO's, I think it really brought over some old metric riders that did not envy the side of the road repairs.
  10. dbmg

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    I am sure that needing to work on the older H.D. were eccential. I bet it just added to the spice of the ride. I will say this that the 2 times my metric broke down, which was a 1999 the only people that stopped were the Harley guys!!!! How cool was that.