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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jackloganbill, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. jackloganbill

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    No key this a good thing? I was very surprised that you don't need a key and unless the bike is locked, anyone can walk up and ride off without a key. Why did HD go this route?

  2. Grillfish

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    Hmmm.. On my 09 RG, you need the key fob to start the bike, heck even if you tip it upright the siren gives you a warning, then the siren makes the loud noice if you don't put it back on the stand or get the key fob. (I added the siren, as it only had flashers from the factory) Maybe it was changed on the '11?

    Make sure you know how to start it w/out the key fob entering your own code. I also carry an extra battery in my side bag incase it goes dead while out riding.
  3. jackloganbill

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    I don't have the $1K security system.
  4. kemo

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    I put a Guard Dawg digital key on my bike. About $150. Works alot like the Harley security. Walk away and the starter circuit is disabled. Come back and the starter circuit is enabled. I felt the same as you go in to pay for gas, too lazy to lock the bike.
  5. dbmg

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    It has been a Harley tradition for a long time. If I park bike locking ignition is no big deal. At least if you loose key and have not locked you can still ride.
  6. Breeze3at

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    Jack; NOBODY can ride off on your bike unless they have the standard equipment key fob in their pocket. The fob transmits a signal to the ECM and imobilizes the start circuit. The salesman should have covered this in the delivery spiel (you may have been too excited to hear it :) ). And, like mentioned in another post, learn how to overide the system, there is a wallet card in the back of your owners manual.
    Since I can remember, unless locked, a key has not been necessary to start Electra Glides, all Softails and Dyna Wide Glides. Somebody could ride off on one of them.
    Many new cars and trucks now utilize the "keyless" security system.
    Congrats on the new ride.:s
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  7. gusotto

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    Try placing your FOB about 20' away from you bike and then try to start it.
    I'll bet the lights flash and you'll get nothing from the starter.
    My '07 needs the FOB to start it and I'll bet yours does too.

    I like this system.
  8. texas tom

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    He doesn`t have the security system. Yes its a good thing, if your worried lock it, would you want a bunch of keys rattling around on the bike waving in the wind scratching up your paint?
  9. Billbo

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    that is not true for my 2001 Heritage. I have a key fob - but NEVER use it -- only the barrel key to lock and unlock. The fob stays at home and my bike starts each time I ask it too - hundreds of miles away - without a key fob.

    BUT - my bike is OLD and I suppose they have enhanced the security since then.

  10. jsvt184

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    Anyone know how long the battery lasts. I assume it's a watch type battery and those go for years.