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    A week ago was one of the best days... I picked up my first Harley Davidson, a new 2009 Heritage Softail Classic... I love it! Well today..., Not so good... I was out for a short ride and got a flat rear tire... didn't loose control or anything but that was just the begining. I called every towing company in a 50 mile radius and NO ONE would even consider towing my bike... my insurance company couldn't even find anyone...after 3 hours of calling around I found some one with a trailer... Couple questions... how do all of you deal with breakdowns? and If you do trailer, what is the right way to strap down a Heritage Classic? What can I expect to fix a rear tire with a nail in it?

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    Had a similar situation several weeks ago, if you have AAA you must have "RV" Road Assistance Pkg (pays for towing a motorcycle) Deluxe or Premium Package (additional $50 to $100 a year from standard $49 a year rate. HOG members also have Road not have rate or membership cost yet, maybe other posters can weigh in.

    As for no help, coverage for motorcycles is spotty depending on where you are, some have gotten on the road in 15 minutes, some like you never got any, even if you have RA insurance. Regarding proper towing the flatbed method is best, whole bed slides back and down, you roll your bike up to the end and your done, the towing guy does the rest. Using ANCRA strap tie downs: 2 securing each side of the bars up front, and 2 securing each side at the rear...putting on side stand, then tensioning opposite side so bike is level and suspension is compressed about 3-4 inches.

    As for road side flat tire repair of tubeless tires, carry HD or similar STOP & GO Tubeless Tire repair kit that uses "self vulcanizing" rubberized sticky braided rope with "rasp tool" and tube of self vulcanizing cement/rubber adhesive compound. Basically you check the angle of the nail, pull it out and immediate poke the "rasp" tool at the exact angle and rough clean that hole and wet it with that adhesive/primer. Again, paying attention to the angle, take it out and immediately thread your wetted down rope plug with T-handled needle holder and force it into the hole 2/3 of the way thru the pull partly back out so basically a "U" shaped plug is now a "W" shape, with double V inside and the legs outside. Carefully remove your tool without pulling the works out and use a scissors or knife to snip plug 1/16 above the tire surface. Wait about 15 minutes for the "vulcanization" (rubber bonding) to take place. Air up the tire, I use a CO2 inflater that also doubles as a manual air pump to about 30-35 PSI. Use a little "spit" to check that no air is escaping at the plug and you should be on the road in 5 minutes or so after that. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    You have an 09,under full warranty you have roadside assistance.Your dealer should have given you a wallet card with the toll free number. it should also be in your owners manual, you call them and let them worry about it.

    (When on a trip I always carry a can of puncture seal,just in case)
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    Every full HOG membership carries that option. If you have an 09 you have a full membership (It cost's $20k, the bike was free lol). Like Steve07 said, you should have a card with the number to HOG on it. From what I understand they will take your bike to the nearest Harley shop for you.