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    I have a 2005 night train. Recently the front brakes locked up on me. I had just installed some new brake and clutch levers and thought that I may have done something to the front mastercylinder. I rebuilt the mc and I replaced the front caliper just in case. I still have nothing at all. Anyone have any ideas as to why?

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    Welcome Theosmithers to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. There are plenty of pitfals when you rebuilt a master cylinder. No petroleum based solvents, only alcohol or fresh brake fluid of the proper type (Dot 5 is Silicone based and not compatible with ANY other type), so check the top cover for the proper fluid and then double check with your owners/service manual. When disassembly happens you really need a manual and lay out everything exactly as it came out (reassembly is tricky using no rags, just brake fluid for prepping seals and o-rings to prevent damage.

    If you used the proper fluid and followed the service manual and clean reassembly techniques, the next thing would be air in the lines...proper flushing and bleeding is essential, take your time to choose which method, or use a MITYVAC or similar tool to reverse flush and fill the brake fluid from the caliper up to the cross over and to the m/c.

    Once you have bled most of the air out use the "Bungee Overnight Strap Down and Tap Method" to get the last bit out.
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