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I have a 1983 Shovelhead. Approximately 7000 miles since rebuilding it. I have cast pistons. Would it hurt to put a small amount of nitrous to it occasionally? Also, would I get the good flame travel if I dual-plugged it?
It's got a high four ignition and an Andrew's AB cam and it's bored 30 over with an S&S Super E.
I'm trying to get good flame travel in a hemi head.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Can't afford an Evo or a Twin Cam.
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I want more performance.

I've got "Nitrous Express," not currently installed. So would I be better off to leave it alone, get better flame travel, or both?

Also, your link doesn't work.
Thanks for the reply anyway, though.
Nitrous is a very limited system usually relagated to racing situations like drag. If you want that day to day type of performance I'd look into a turbo or supercharger. At least with them you don't have to remember to fill the bottle. Trouble is with any of those systems you sacrafice reliability and longevity. Best case for a daily driver cubes, cams, porting and flowing the heads. The old addage is "There's no substitution for cubic inches" and there are plenty of manufacturers out there willing to talk to you and put the CORRECT combination together to get the performance you want.