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Nightster shocks?


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Hi I was wondering if anybody has replaced their Nightster shocks? How long are they? I am referring to the US models as I think the Euro/Aussie Nightsters sit higher than the US models. I was thinking about going with the HD Two-Up Low Rear Shock Kit 54704-07 part #54704-07.

I have also been thinking about a set of Progressive shocks, just need to know what length to order. I really don't want to pull a shock to measure it I figured that someone here has already pulled theirs and could measure them for me?

I am about 275# and I find myself bottoming out over RR tracks and when I ride 2 up it feels like we are at the bottom of the shocks all the time. I set the preload pretty high to compensate for my size and click them up another notch when my wife rides with me.

I want to keep the stock ride height, but I want to keep the bike from bottoming out I know this is hard on the swingarm.

Thanks in advance, THE:coffee
I replaced mine with Lick's 10" short shocks (all black)
I wanted a lower ride height, without completely sacrificing ride quality...
Overall I like them, I just have to set the pre-load to the highest setting when I ride 2up, but it does lower the bike about an inch...
I believe the stock shocks are 11"
This is not the recommendation you requested but it highly recommended.

I have a 2003 Anniversary Hugger that came from the factory with 11” shocks. I am 220# and they were acceptable for one-up riding, but with a passenger they bottomed on a regular basis even on the stiffest preload. I purchased 13” shocks and my spinal cord has never been happier.

Your bike will be at stock ride height when you are cruising.
I have a 2007 Nighster and I have replaced both the fork springs as well as the shock absorbers.

New from the factory in the US, the shock absorbers (in name only) are 11". I replace mine with Progressive Suspension 412 units, 12.5" and black in color. I used longer than stock because the stock units allow to many parts to grind in corners and I'm hoping that the additional 1 1/2" will help with this issue.

At the same time, I replaced the fork springs, again with a product from progressive and I have to say that the resulting change is nothing short of fantastic!

H-D makes great motorcycles, but clearly they only allocate about a dollar for suspension on each bike. The stock units are pretty much junk.