nightster rallyrunner seat install -- retention washer

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by robNY, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. robNY

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    2009 XL1200N - Nightster
    Rallyrunner seat.
    Retention Washer PIN 7487

    my local dealer didn't have a retention washer part 7487.

    so they gave me the brass fitting with the c clip like the one that is used on the solo seat screw hole.

    the rear hole has a plastic part underneath that holds a threaded part in place.

    can anyone shed a little light on this install. i know that i can install the brass fitting if i remove the plastic piece, and it looks as if i can install the seat ok with the plastic piece in place while using the knurled screw....

    my quest is for the proper install.

    thanks for any assistance.

    ps - any pictures of the Retention Washer PIN 7487 would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome RobNY to HDTimeline. There will be others to post shortly. I am sorry I don't have experience or pictures of that item you seek, but part of the problem is yours is a new 2009 model and there are statistically fewer people experienced with it. I would suggest going to the MOCO dealer and have them print out the service note or parts diagram and location from their electronic parts list. Most "reputable" HD dealers would be more than happy to assured they do want your business and like new "paying" customers to the fold. You may want to try Zanotti HD website, they have a parts search that may be of help. :s
  3. robNY

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    thanks for the welcome.

    the part should be the same on the 07, 08 and 09 nightsters.
    the local dealer came up blank. they gave me the smae fitting that is used in the front fender hole.. to secure the oem solo seat. i will take some pics once i figure it out in the am.