Nice ride today!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Ozoneman, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Ozoneman

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    We finally had a nice day here in the mid-west. Got up to 60 degrees today. This was the first opportunity for me to get out and ride my new bike. Since I needed to get some rust off first (haven't driven much for 30 years), I headed over to a vacant parking lot and drove around the lot. Once I started feeling more comfortable I hit the roads. It only took about a half hour to start feeling comfortable. After that it was a blast. I couldn't believe all the bikes I saw out today. I got tired of giving the two finger wave!:lol
    Well, I stayed out on the back country roads for about 2 1/2 hours. It was great!
    Only problem now is that we are expected to get cold temps again this week and possibly snow again on Thursday!:wall

    Did any of you get any riding in today?
  2. Davidw2415

    Davidw2415 Senior Member

    It was 75 today and i rode about 90 miles. i got to ride the last 3 days. the bottom is going to fall out tomorrow and it wilol be cold again. That's okay the FB will go in for 5000 service sometime this week. I'll be going with Spectro in tran. Amsoil in .crack and sticking with formual + in primary. Anxious to see how it runs with the differant fluids. Looks like a couple more weeks of so, so weather then it should start to get good.
  3. SE103

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    It was near 70 here to today rode 150 miles. Lot of scooters on the road. The weather is going to change Tuesday bad storms coming then cold again. But very nice today
  4. mtntrout

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    :DIt got up to 49-50 today so I had to get the scooter out. I will ride if t gets above 47, and if there is also dry rodes.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Welcome back, but take it easy please. Thirty years worth of rust is a lot - I know - I went 18 years without riding. These new bikes are so solid and inspire so much confidence that it's easy to get OVERconfident. Take a MSF course if you can when the weather permits and just RIDE SAFE!!
  6. slickrick2085

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    Me and my gf rode today (first time in about a month) it was very nice even though we had cloud cover for about 3hrs. when the sun came out it got warm fast, cant wait to do it again.
  7. Vibratinharley

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    I rode for about an hour or so yesterday. It wasn't in the 60's (that would be nice) but it was still nicer in PA than it has been. It got a little chilly when the lights went out. I rode up through Valley Forge PA. Nice park with great scenery. This is where the PA State Hog Rally is going to be held this year.

    August 7-9, 2008 Pennsylvania State H.O.G. Rally U.S. State Rally Valley Forge, PA

    It's gonna be around 60 today, so I rode my bike to work this morning. at 5AM it was only 32 but it was still a nice ride and felt good to be on the bike before the traffic this morning.:D
  8. Ozoneman

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    I'm already signed up for the Abate classes on March 28-30 class here.
  9. Sharky1948

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    Got in rides over the last four days...all in the sixties, blue skies, and fresh breezes. Doesn't sound like Connecticut??? It was on a scooter (literally!) in Bermuda. Hey, at least I was out enjoying the ride! My wife did see some guys go, a couple of who were on Harleys. At more than $8 per gal for fuel and a 35 KMH speed limit, those guys are really dedicated!!

    Planning to get the ole gal out of storage here in Ct. this weekend.
  10. Got the sporty out today for a 3 hour tour , was a nice day in ohio but the wind was off the hook . the wind had to be cranking 30 mph, lol my windshield needs to hurry up and get here. then i gave her a much needed bath . its going to get back down to the low 30s tonight and we got freezing rain on its way :bigsmiley15: its pouring out right now. come on warmer days.