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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDDon, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I just read (and reread) an article on changing to the screaming eagle six-speed transmission. The article is about changing the 5 speed trans to the 6 speed SE, and it is done on an 04 Road King. The article gives the ratio of the stock trans and the new ratio on the 6 speed. The ratios are the same in all gears-1st 3.2, 2nd 2,2, 3rd 1.5, 4th 1.2, 5th 1.0, with the SE 6th at 0.86. The article went on to say that at 65mph in 5th gear the RK RPM was 3,050 and in 6th gear the RPM was 2,460. Here is my question, on my 05 Road Glide my tach shows 5th gear 2,800 RPM or 250 RPM less than the 04 RK. Was there a change made between 04 and 05 touring primary gearing, or is my tach that far off?