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    The kids are out of the house and now it's time for me to finally get my first motorcycle. Any and all suggestions on what my first bike should be? I took the rider safety course, have my license and am not sure what to get. I def do not want a Japanese bike! I was considerind a Street 500 or 750, but really like the Iron 883. I am worried the Iron is too much for me. Any opinions?
    Thanks in advance, John
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    Welcome to HDT from the Rocky Mountains.
    Best advice would be go to your local Harley dealer and look around. Sit on them and take some test rides.
    You may want to start with a sporty until you gain more confidence.
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh Pa.;)
    You have gone along time with out a bike so treat your self right and take the time. You do not want to make the mistake of purchasing a bike especially new and 6 months later be disappointed for what ever the reason and the bike end up sitting or loose a ton trading it in... The amount of CC's are not what gets you into trouble. It the lack of control using and not being coordinated while riding. Check this video out:
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    Personally I think it is best to start on something cheep and nasty that you can use to develop your riding skills prior to spending big amounts of money on a dream bike

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    Welcome to The Forum, Test ride em all @ your local dealer. HD used to have a buy back program, for Sporters, you may talk to your dealer about that, Get it in writing :)
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    Cool video! Gets me psyched to get out there. HD Bergen in NJ has a rider course which I plan on taking also. I imagine they will have us on a few different bikes as well. Tks, John

    Good idea, tks

    I was thinking of that also. No sense in banging up a new one. I don't want to get something to small and outgrow it quick, then have trouble selling it. Money is always an issue. Did you start on a used bike?
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    I'm an exception to the rule. I started on a low rider. Kept that bike 15 years. I actually sat on some sportsters back then 1985 and they sat higher then the low rider so I bought the low rider.
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    Welcome from Wisconsin.Look for the Harley demo truck when it comes to Your dealer.Ride the 500 ,750 and Sportsters.Try them all on for size.What You feel comfortable on is what You should buy, and upgrade later as You feel that You are capable on something bigger.
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    Welcome from So. Texas.
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    Welcome to the forum from Suwannee, Fl.