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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Aerodawg, May 5, 2010.

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    I just recently bought a 2010 Fatboy lo switched over from a Honda Shadow 750, I love this bike!! I have already had 1 factory defect (Rear Brake) fixed under warranty. As I am new to Harleys when I start the bike up there's another sound from the engine kinda sounds like a swishing or teapot boiling without the whistling sound and continues till shut off, I have 200 miles on the bike. I was looking at you tube today and another Fatboy lo had the same sound. But for some reason the same bikes on you tube that had custom pipes installed I couldnt hear this sound. Is this normal am I being paranoid after the 1st defect? Will this sound go away? I look forward to your replies!

    Was just thinking is this maybe the airfilter?, just curious as my other motorcycles doesnt make this kind of sound.
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    Aerodawg, welcome to the HDTimeline defect, and yes the HD traditionally has a number of unusual noises (potato potato, tappet noises, and a bit of a whine from the primary chain). My ol' Yamaha UJM (Universal Japanese Multi-cylinder in line 4's had an even more unique whistle due to the straight cut gear, cam chain slipper guides had all their own).

    Your HD also has characteristic primary chain setup that does whine a bit, (you can lessen noise by using better gear lubes by Spectrol and others...rather than the standard HD Syn3 20W-50 thin motor oil your bike comes stock from the dealer prep for factory fresh dry motocycles...
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    I broke my fatboy in and the noises drove me nuts. Its a harley. In different weather conditions the bike will run completely different. U,ll get used to it....
    Enjoy your ride.
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    Its a Harley, lots of interesting sounds.