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new york dmv inspection question

does anyone know the laws for bikes as far as the inspection goes,my bike is a custom 1973 rigid chopper,so it would be cool if someone like a mechanic that actually performs these type of inspections could tell me what I need for it to pass.I have dual headlights with hi and low beam,tail light,license plate light,left side mirror.

what i dont have:horn,turn signals,speedometer,tach
this was a custom one off bike and was not built to have these,so what do I legaly have to add so I pass inspection
well I had a bike shop email me,he had the book in front of him,he said that the bike is good to go,I dont have to add the blinkers and such.:naughty
I do have to put a horn on,I can live with that,I really didnt want to take away from my look by putting on blinkers,anybody have a horn laying around they would want to donate to my cause?