New Year Snail

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    It's bedlam in a little English country pub on New Year's Eve. The barman is going nuts because his barmaid has called in sick. He's rushed off his feet trying to serve all his customers. A little snail crawls up onto the counter and says to the barman:
    "I'll have a pint of beer baldy"
    The barman tells him to watch his mouth and keeps serving his customers.
    The snail calls out louder "Hey dummy, I said I'll have a pint of beer!"
    The barman tells him that he's heading for the door if he utters one more offensive word.
    The snail then shouts - "Look fatso - I want a pint of beer NOW!!!"
    "That's it" said the barman - he picks up the little snail, marches to the door of the pub and pitches him as far as he can out into the snow.......

    The following year on New Year's Eve, the barman's going nuts, the barmaid's let him down again. It's bedlam in the pub when a little snail crawls up onto the counter and says to the barman:

    "What'ya do that for?!"

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    Bet the bar keep had to stop for a moment cause couldn't remember if it was the same talking snail...LOL!
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    Another good one. Thanks!