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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by HarryB737, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Got home from riding a couple weeks ago, and was cleaning up the bike & noticed what looks like to me a stress crack from the left hand outer most horizontal bracket bolt hole. Crack goes about 1.25". I used this oportunity to order a new "Clearview" Windshield with the upper recurve to hopefully make the "Bubble" bigger for my wife, as she sits higher & was telling me she gets more wind than on the last bike we had. I am really looking forward to receiving & installing it, but was surprised when I placed the order was informed shipping time during this time of the season is 3-5 weeks (Busy). Oh well... I'll repost after it comes in and we try it out. :D
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    It is amazing how many people are upgrading their bikes during the current economic times, but I see again and again on different site that lots of stuff is back ordered.

    It is not just bike stuff either, and since I am a big computer guy I spend a lot of time on Amazon and the more computer specific sites. It seems everything everywhere is back ordered.

    I think some of it is just that people are keeping lower inventories because sales have been bad for so long, and some of it is the people making the stuff are just starting to re-hire and ramp production back up to normal levels. Any way you look at it, it seems to me to be an indicator that we just might be slowly recovering for all this mess.

    Enjoy the new screen. Hope the wife likes it. :)
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    Update: Well after a full 5-weeks the windshield shipped... I received it yesterday 7-29. Other than the long wait, so far I'm happy with the new shield. I worked on getting the old one off & detached from the brackets last night. The hardest part was separating the brackets from the old shield, they were glued w/Booger glue (The toughest glue I've ever tried to remove). But after applying some heat from the heat gun & working some (Don't Laugh) Dental Floss back and forth between the brackets & the Shield I got them removed without bending anything. Then came the longest part getting the old glue off the brackets... I used "Goof-Off", mineral spirits & my wifes finger nail polish remover. Finally success. The new Shield mounted to the brackets very well, bolted right up, that's also a slow process, but taking your time pays off for a good stress-free fit. While I've got it apart I'm also changing my voltage monitor to an Automotive style analog type. I had my other monitor mounted on the handle bar bracket, which is where the new one is going back.
    I'm am very pleased with the "Clearview" Shield. It's about 1.5" taller with the recurve feature at the top. I'm looking forward to getting it all back together this week-end & giving it a test run... :D
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    No laughs, we've seen several uses for dental floss on the forum. It seems to be a good "saw". I guess we shouldn't be too agressive with it on our teeth?