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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by _russ_, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Just got my new 2012 FLHX. Traded in my 2011 FLSTC. All I can say is WOW! What a difference.

    Picked her up yesterday and have had a permanent smile ever since. Everything about this bike is great. The ride is amazing. The engine is begging me to get past the break-in and I'm hoping that this weekend gets me there.

    So, now I'm looking fo a little insight from y'all.

    I had V&H slip shots on the Softail. Loved the sound, and felt like the 96 was asking me to give it a little more air. The 103 is a little quiet, but it seems to breathe pretty well. Had I kept the 96 Softail, I would have added a new intake and tuner. Trying to decide if I'd get much value out of doing that on the 103. Thinking maybe some SE's just to give her a little bit of a voice.

    The other thing that I'm thinking about is giving myself some more 'windshield'. I got real used to the break on the ears and eyes from the Softail. Looking at the 8" Drag Specialties screen.

    Gonna throw on some highway pegs and might change the grips. Otherwise I am digging this ride right out of the showroom. Just thinking about what tweaks I may want to make. Cuz I know I'm gonna do something. :)
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    love my new 12 FLHX.
  3. hogrotten

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    Hey Russ if it was me I'd at least do the stage 1 treatment to include the ECU flash. Have fun with the new ride. :D
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    I have a 2011 flhx with the 103 that I have the v&h power duels with v&h black out rounds, I put on a stage one kit and had a power commander installed w/custom mapping and I love it. It sounds good not real loud but sounds real good when you get on it. It really made a difference in performance too.
  6. Iceman24

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    First of - CONGRATS on the sweet new scoot!!!

    Second - get out the pocketbook...:D

    Definitely swap the w/s to something +8", add Dobeck EJK/GEN3 tuner, a/c & pipes & you'll be happy. Time to start saving...ride on!
  7. _russ_

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    Thanks all. Good advice all the way around and pics will be put up soon.

    Got her broken in and it just keeps getting better!

    Gotta do something about the wind. Nearly ripped my helmet (german) off my head at about 80. Granted, I don't wear the strap too tight and it's not DOT, but there's a good gust coming over the top and gets worse when I get on the hiway pegs. Gonna go to a 8" shield minimum.

    And I have say that I like the way she runs stock. I think a stage 1 and chip might open her up a little, but I really can't complain about the way she rides right out of the showroom. I'm thinking that a little more sound would be nice, but it's not too bad when I get on it. Gotta pay some closer attention to 103s with other pipes.

    Funny thing is that the guy that did my delivery said words to the effect of 'now you're riding a real bike.' He was right. Huge F'n difference!
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    Congrats on the new bike...just got a new one myself...FLHTK...all i did was a cobra tuner and 4 inch slash ups from Jackpot...incredible difference.
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    Congrats on the new wheel, got mine in Sept and absolutely love it. What color did you get? Mine is the red ember sunglow, and I cant believe the way it pops in the sun!

    The only thing I dont like is the heat that comes off the cat, I swear it will bring blisters if I sit in traffic too long when wearing shorts. yeah yeah I know not supposed to wear shorts riding but I dont like the heat to start with, besides its just that much less the paramedics will have to cut off me right?

    Any how my plan for heat abatement is gonna be 1) replace the head pipes with the S&S power tune dual head pipes or do the cat-ectomy then add the Klock Werks 4" reverse slash cut slip-ons 2) Kuryaken high flow air cleaner, followed by either the dealer stage 1 re-flash + Dobeck Gen4, or depending on if the shop gets the flash tuner we want, I'll do a custom fuel map

    That should wake it up pretty good, and getting rid of all that heat will really increase the ride comfort.