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New Touring information to Download


Greetings to all HDT. Thanks to Speed, we have posted the following items ready for you to download and enjoy.
1. Touring Preride Checklist. I have been using this for years. Its great to pull out for yourself or gor a group. Not evertbody in a group needs to carry the same thing, only certain things.
2. Motorcycle Prayer- Its posted right over the bike on the wall, I read it everytime I get on the scooter.
3. If you camp with the scooter, there is a camping checklist. I used this one when me and the wife went on the road to Canada for 20 days in Sept. We were the only ones to camp at the Tetons when it got doen to 16 degrees. Snow in WY. WHat a trip. I have the story to post later if anyone interested.
4. This one requires that you have powerpoint on your computer. I teach touring 101 to the Newbies at the local HD shop about 3 times a year. I bring in my bike, fully loaded with most items on the check sheet, and go through the presentation, group breakouts examples of how to pack going to Sturgis or Daytona.
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When I was the HOG Director for Kansas, I taught it at the ralley. Been doing it for the shop since then. It aslo helps me with my presentation skills for my job. yck