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new to jack on bikes


new to forum.just registered.intro in new member section.have a question.
what is the right and safest way to mount and elevate a bike with a jack if you have never done it?
bought a good jack to work with and am looking for a little help.
how do i deal with standing the bike up off its stand to square it i just sit on it to stabilize it or is there a trick?
thanks in advance for your reply!
I don't have a jack, but I've seen a friend use his. He just rolls the jack under the bike and slowly raises the jack and as he does the bike goes into an upright position.
You can do it either way. Some sit on the bike and roll the jack under with their foot , then pump the foot pedal till it contacts the bike and others just jack it up from the position on the side stand. Which ever you feel more comfortable with.
I have a motorcycle jack if i tried to sit on the bike and push the jack under it would not fit:dknow (bike is to low to the ground) it is a road king classic i stand on the air filter side of the bike and stand it up straight holding the front brake so the bike will not move. then i roll the jack under it leaving the kickstand down the hole time.line the jack up to the frame and pump the jack a few times. now the bike will stand on its own i lift it slow and if one tire lifts before the other i put the bike down and roll the bike a little back or forward to get it to balance just so then i can lift it to work on it or to wash it. makes life much easer hope this helps:23: also make sure floor or driveway is level or close to it so the jack don't move with almost 800 lbs of motorcycle on it
Just another tip I learned to balance the bike on the jack.

Once you have the proper balance, take some white paint and mark the cross arm that runs between the two lift arms in line with the clamp on the exhaust pipe just ahead of the "Y" pipe and another mark on the lift arm which will line up with the pipe heat shield so you know how far in to push the jack under the bike.

Takes all the guess work out of jacking the bike up.
i have a black tiewrap on the frame that is used to Aline the jack.:s but you have to do the dance first to find this spot:hii