New Tires for 07 Road King Classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by FLHRC07, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. FLHRC07

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    Have a quick question about new tires. I am getting ready to get new tires for the bike and was looking at the specs for tire size on my bike and the front size is MT90-B16 and the rear is MT85-B16. Now with that is it alright to put an MT90-B16 on the rear or is there that much difference between a MT85 and a MT90. Just wanted to know before I bought the tires online.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. rkrdr2

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    The front.. Mt/90/16= 130/90/16...the rear is MU/85/16=140/85/16...the MU/140 rear is 5.50in width..the MT/130 is 5.00in...just a little narrower,the 85 is a lower profile.You can run a MT/90 on the rear if it's designated for the "rear".You would be better off running a 140/90 on the rear than a 130/90 You have to watch the weight ratings on the rear tires,it is real easy to overload them,especially on a bagger....jmo
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    im thinking of installing michellin cammanders on my 2007 rk
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    I just changed my rear on mine myself.......and went back to the stock dunlop d402 .......11k on the original and still had alittle tread left.......some of my freinds have gone with metlers and avons and didnt get the mileage so theyve gone back to the d402 as well........ .02