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New Speed Sensor - Still not working - help


:17: OK - here's the low down on this '99 Sporty. The Speedo & Odom. just quit working one day. I bought a speed sensor from JP cycles that was supposed to be for this bike. I noticed that the magnetic pick-up was about 1/4 inch shorter. I was hoping it would not make a difference. I am trying to desipher whether that is the problem or my Speedo is just bad.

:hiiI put new sensor on and still not registering anything. I have tried resetting Speedo. I have power going to it, but no counts & no speed. I sure hope somebody can help me. I am needing to get it inspected to ride :shock

1/4 inch shorter is a lot. It takes the teeth on the gear passing the sensor to trigger the impulse in order for it to work.
I would say with something like this to stay with HD parts to be sure. There shouldn't be that much differences in the parts between manufacturers and it could be the problem in this case.
Thanks Glider - Yup am gonna stick to HD parts for stuff like this. I did not notice the difference until I had already installed and then pulled back out to inspect. Bummer - will be ordering another one from HD. Thanks again.

PS - I was hoping it was not the Speedo
Maybe contact where you bought it from and explain the difference and that it will not work, you should be entitled to a refund.