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New Rocker...JMO


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Saw the new Rocker at the dealer today, not the "C". Cases, oil tank, signal and headlamp housings were all a gray pewter color. Actually had to tap on the oil tank to verify it wasn't plastic. Speedo was to low for me and it seemed really top heavy. Not to impressed as to the design of this bike. Sorry, just can't get over all the parts that looked like plastic. For you that like it, awesome, enjoy your ride. JMO
The Rocker does absolutely nothing for me, but hey, that's just me!

Feel the exact same way about the CrossBones - looks like they assembled a bike from parts in someone's garage. I understand the history behind choppers/bobbers but I didn't think folks who were really into that wanted it that way straight from the factory.
I saw the rocker with the chrome and like it.All are presold at the local dealers so far, so I guess somebody else likes them to. I'm not real crazy about the crossbones,sat on one and the seat sucks for me but my buddy loves the thing.I guess thats why they make defferent bikes,I still like my eglide the best.
Hey, I saw a Rocker with some type of conversion kit, basically it covered the gap around the seat. Looked better with that kit, not sure about the details, but the guy at the dealer said it was an add on. I don't like the rider position on the Crossbones, but I liked the looks of the V-Rod when it came out, still do, but it wasn't the bike for me. I think the V-Rod made a statement, kind of like, 'look at me, I'm a Harley, and I'm different'. :breakdance

To each his own, and I hope everyone who gets one likes theirs as much as I like mine!:D
what an uglyyyy sled!! the oil bag is cool tho. a lot late, as geezer glides r-n the "rocker" plain sucks.
I dont like it at all, but thats just my opinion. A friend of mine loves it and thats great more power to him.
I love the Rocker C...

but then, I'm 22, and any bike that is blue, is better than anything else... :)