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Hey Guys,
Has anyone here road tested the new Road King? I haven't had the chance yet. Is there any disceranble (REAL) difference with the new Twin 96? I would imagine that the 6-speed tranny doesn't hurt the performance any either. I'm hoping the new powerplant can help get the performance up where it should be. Any other comments/opinions about the 07 FLHR/FLHRC are welcomed.
I rode the 2007 Road King Classic recently and currently own a 2005 1450 model. I found the new one slightly more refined in the engine and slightly easier reving. The sixth gear just took out the hunting to check for a higher gear when riding on the open road and is more an overdrive.
I found that I wouldn't want more refined but mine has the screaming eagle pipe and aircleaner conversion so is more raunchy.
Ill let you know after tomorrow...

Yep tomorrow! The day has finally come, after much hold up by the dealer, My new 07 RKC will be ready.

Cant wait to get at it...

Ill let you know after tomorrow...

Yep tomorrow! The day has finally come, after much hold up by the dealer, My new 07 RKC will be ready.

Cant wait to get at it...


Congrat RK,we hope can hear review based your first ride on your new bike soon.We waiting it brother :)

Congrat RK,we hope can hear review based your first ride on your new bike soon.We waiting it brother :)


Well, ive just come back from my first ride on my new 07 Road King Classic!! and now Im replying to my own post, how bad is that...LOL. Never mind!

Got to tell you all the bike went beautifully!!:D I had some concerns with posts that I had read elseware on the net about the 6th gear not being any use below 75MPH. Let me tell you 6th gear was fine from 110KMH (68Mph).
I also read about transmission noise in 5th gear, but I didnt notice any on my ride today. All in all, I am stoked with my new ride, its everything that I hoped it would be, and then more.

This is the first time I have ridden a Harley Davidson & its been about 15 years since my last bike (Suzuki GSX 1100), so I a
had a little trepidation when I first picked her up from the dealer on Friday evening. It is big & heavy and has a lovely shake to it at idle.

I have the Vance & Hines oval mufflers which look & sound great, but as yet havent done the airflow or had the race tune installed. I will get this done at first service. The dealer didnt get the race tune in on time so I took the bike without it. The bike runs really well as it is, plenty of power & lots of torque. I expect with the air flow & the race tune it will really improve performace again.

I cant wait to run her in so that I can start to give it a lil bit more & see how she goes!

My friend & I (2000 Fat Boy) went down to Phillip Island & back. For those of you outside Asutralia, Phillip Island is where they hold the Australian leg of the moto GP. Some nice roads leading down to the island but a litttle to much traffic. We didnt realise that ther was a festival on today which brought out the visitors. Anyway, I completed the round trip of about 250Km in glorious sunshine (no jacket required) only trouble is that my arms copped a fair bit of sun (glowing read as I type...LOL).

I am looking forward to taking my wife for a ride down the peninsular tomorrow.

Bye for now...
We sure love ours, we picked it up last Fall and we were able to get it out quite a bit before the snow finally brought things to a close. We bought the FLHR model, as far as comparing to the 06' and older models I can't compare. My friend has the 06' Ultra and I let him take it for a ride he said there was a very noticeable difference power wise, although his is more heavier than mine. So far I am happier than a pig in sh#t :cool:

I am interested that you like the nore 2007 Road King. I have a 2005 Road King Classic and have done 27,500 kilometres on it. Took it for a tour with fellow riders in the South Island of New Zealand, where I live. I did 2,500km tour for the week and now it is in the local Eric Woods Harley shop @ Christchurch, NZ for sale. I have ordered a 2008 model and I am looking forward to getting it in about September. I cannot imagine there will be any changes of note from the 2007. I concur with you that there is a difference in power. I will put on the screamin' eagle pipes and air cleaner etc conversion, heated grips plus touring seat and backrest.
Enjoy your riding in your beautiful country

G'day HD. James,

The Roadking is run in now & boy, I love it more that ever!

I have the race tune & High flow fitted now & it has made a difference, (though not as much as I thought). Having said that, the torque now seems to come in at higher revs, & I do prefer to keep her at low revs. All in all I couldnt be happier:D :D

Ive been for a good number of rides through the Dandenongs & the Yarra ranges. We have some fantastic places to ride her in Victoria! Within 10 minutes from my drive way I can be climbing up through the rain forrests heading for any number of country towns.

There is a particularly nice peice of road winding through the Black Spur, gum trees that line the narrow roadway and live amidst densly packed Black boy ferns. The smell of the rainforrest is so fresh & the pure note of the Roadking thumping through the forrest is an absolute joy.

As you ride across the spur you climb from the cooler lower forrest to the higher less dense forrest, the back down until out onto the plain to the many wineries of the region.

The only thing that spoils this idyllic scene is the maniacs on Jap sports bikes that seem to think the only way to ride a motorcycle is at top speed on the wrong side of the road. I honestly dont mind sharing the road, but these guys are unbelievable! They have no courtesy and seem to think that they need to be right up your arse (thats ass for our American friends):D before blowing past you at 160 Kmh.

But anyhow, I dont want to whinge about that, I just thought I'd like to share a little of where I like to ride.