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Went to my dealer for an inspection and other work. Would not pass on the rear tire 6380 miles on it. No burn outs and correct psi. I was hoping to get at least 8k out of it. What is everyone else getting?
I usually get 10k out of the rear and just short of 15k on the front riding alot of 2 up but im EASY RIDER!
Hey, just have a question/opinion on tires, thought I'd throw it in here. I have @ 6900 miles on my deuce and I'll probably replace the back tire in the next 500-1000 miles. I do check the pressure regularly. I'm watching the tire closely, but the tread in the center is nearly gone. I will probably go ahead & do the front tire at the same time for my piece of mind. It isn't as bad as the back, but I'll probably do both. I got the bike with 1949 miles on it, so I don't know about what the previous owner did. I do know I haven't done any kind of burnouts, usually not many quick starts unless I just have to get out of the way and such. But, if Ohio did vehicle inspections, I don't think my rear tire would pass.

I would feel better getting both tires so I can figure out how they will wear with my driving. Is it overkill? I am guilty of replacing tires a little early on my vehicles, but I just feel better with good tread.
Hey Joy

I've been thinking here (no smart comments :D) and I think that being that you have just completed the service on your bike and are probably going to do the service on your husbands bike soon, I think you should write us up a real nice detailed post that I can put in the DIY section explaining how and what you did, the tools and oils you used and the way you went about doing things. I think it would be a real incentive to those who think they can't do a service on their own bike and have to rely on the dealer.

Don't leave anything out.

What does everyone think?...Good idea??:cheers
I'll see what I can do and get that to you. It will probably be Monday before I get it, but as the techs at work say, I work on PM time. (I do preventive maintenance, and we generally don't hurry too much unless 'they' have the clock on us, i.e. outage times).