NEW PROBLEM WIT FLHTP after cam tensioner install

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    Picked up bike from dealer in Frederick, Md. put on trailer took it home. Took it out for a ride to Gettysburg for Bike week next day. That's only about a 15or 20 minute ride from our farm. Bike ran great good oil pressure and smooth while cruising on the highway. But when I slowed down to get on the off ramp I noticed more engine rubber mount decel shake than normal. The Gettysburg HD dealer is only a half mile from the ramp. When I pulled into thier lot in first gear slow riding to park the engine seemed to really jump and shake much worse than before. I had teh shop look at it and they said it needed a front lower motor mount. I let them put one in. The old one wasn't torn but was worn and needed to be replaced. When I went to leave I noticed the bike still had the shake. I let them test ride it and they noticed it also. It shakes like a Dyna does at low to 2000 rpm. They couldn't see any thing wrong with any of the other mounts. They thought it could be the exhaust not being lined up correctly as the rear pipe was touching the trans cover. I rode it home and after it cooled off I loosened the pipes and reposiotioned them. I also noticed the the rear hanger was binded and not aligned before I repositioned the pipes. I hAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE BUT DIDN'T HAVE THAT MUCH SHAKE, BUT ONLY FELT IT IN THE FLOOR BOARDS AFTER WARMING UP AND AT CERTAIN RPMS. This problem seems to be worse after it warms up. It idles and runs fine? They didn't think it was a cam timing or improper adjustable push rod issue because it runs so well. I haven't ridden the bike since I readjusted the two into one pipes that have been on the bike since I purchased it. But I still don't think that is my problem. Any idea's out there. I am going to take it back to the dealer since it appeared immediatley after they did the pump and tensioners on it. I don't run the bike hard either. Sure hope to figure this out. Now if they only made key boards for people with fat fingers like me and spell check. My post might look better.