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Discussion in 'Other Harley Davidson Models' started by dolt, Dec 11, 2014.

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    Well, this may be posted in the wrong place but I couldn't really find the right place. If there is a better place to post, let me know. I will be posting photos as I make the ergonomical and cosmetic changes necessary to tailor the bike to my taste.

    I have been looking at other motorcycle brands for something different to compliment my two Harleys for the last two years. Have looked and test ridden many metrics and learned that I lean to the European models rather than the Japanese models but nothing has "talked" to me. I have been looking real hard at the new BMW RNiineT (I know but don't judge). The bike is so much in demand that the only way to ride one is to get on a waiting list and when your bike comes in, take it for a test ride. Well, I did and a couple of weeks ago, I brought one home. The weather has sucked since and I barely have 200 miles rolled up but I can say that the bike is a hoot to ride.

    The "tail" will go; new mirrors are on the way, bars have already been raised and pulled back 2", pegs/shifter and brake have been dropped 1" so far. A small fairing will go on and some form of luggage to carry "stuff" will be added as well. Sweet little bike; less than 500 lbs. and goes right where you point it without hesitation. I would classify it as a "roadster"; just thought some of you might be interested.


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  2. HDDon

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    Nice looking bike. Looks like you have something new to throw money at.:D
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    BMW does make some very well engineered and efficient motorcycles I had an airhead r100rt and too often I found my speed way above the speed limit

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    Nice looking ride. In my opinion, BMW makes some good iron, whether it's 2 or 4 wheels. I'll bet it's fun to ride. Enjoy! :D
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    All the magazines are raving about that bike. You obviously made a great choice. Enjoy riding that beast!!!
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    Congratulations on the New Ride. Sounds like you are going to enjoy it.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Few years back, I was looking to buy an older airhead like our mod. Brian Had...

    BMW Rex, a friends of mine from Montana. comes down to Az. in my area of Cochise Stronghold Az.. (4 years ago, when i USED to ride the dirt) I met him on a Steep Dirt road up over to Tombstone. Me trying to catch the bigger bike to have a look...

    At a Closing Distance and trying to catch him, I ride a 200cc 5 speed Modified Chinese off highway bike...

    Finally caught up with him toward the top of Dragoon Mountain, 10 miles from Tombstone... Knowing I WAS Moving to catch him, he was sided behind a blind corner getting a picture of me sliding thru the corner... YOU KIDDING Me,,,,Rocks as big as Cars... No sliding from me...

    Laughing at my Little bike... Haw Haw... Until the return trip, clocking me at just a little over 70 mph on Real Dirt roads...

    Really IMPRESSED me with the airhead he rode as I did him on the Little 200... He has a shed full of different airheads... 6/7 of them at least... All airheads about in the 1960 and Up area.

    I found that bike a want to own but I never bought one. Perfect for all Terrain
    UNLIKE my 200 only off road...

    SO dolt, looks to be, You have made a fine purchase there...


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    Lovely bike. I too like bikes that are 'different' and am amazed at the way BMW in recent years have shed their somewhat staid reputation and produced motorcycles of character and performance.

    My ex Brother-in-law very recently got back into bikes after a 25 year hiatus and snaffled himself a lovely R1200R. Something he's STILL amazed about; but the performance,handling,equipment and overall operation of the bike is light years away from the Bee-emms he remembers.

    Great choice of bike.You've done beautifully well. Congrats.

    (Can't imagine anybody giving you grief over your choice of new steed-you appear to know more about Harley engines than most anybody I've ever met.Just challenge any 'nay sayer' to an engine development quiz. )
  9. Joyflyin

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    Looks great, I think it will be a blast to ride. :)
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    Congrats, now you gotta join another forum.