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    Hello all! I am a new member to the forum and this is my first post, however, I have spent a few days reading the forums and have came across a LOT of great information. So, first off, Thank You!

    I was deployed to Iraq in 03-04 and managed to save a little cash while there. I vowed that upon my return to the states I would purchase my first bike! I spent every opportunity afforded to me on the H-D website and determined, on my own, (no experience whatsoever) that I wanted a 1200C Sportster. In my mind, it was a smaller bike (I'm 5' 9" and 170lbs.), looked cool, and the price was better than the big twins. So, upon my redeployment, my wife and I went motorcycle shopping! We walked away with a 2005 1200 Custom Sporty with the S.E. slip on pipes and Stage II kit installed. I loved that bike! In two years time I managed to put nearly 8000 miles on it. I even rode from the panhandle of Florida, to central Kentucky in 12 hours...WITHOUT a windshield! Unfortunately, I had to sell the bike in 2008 due to getting out of the Army and taking a less paying job. I am back on my feet now and itching for a new bike! I really want a Heritage Classic. For the money, it seemds like the best equiped for my needs. My wife is looking forward to a few trips with me and with the sissy bar and bags as standard, and its classic looks, I think it is the right bike for me. My dad recently purchased a 2011 Street Glide and highly recommends it, or a touring model, over the softail soley for the comfort.

    So, there you have it, a little background info and a choice between a Heritage Classic and a Touring model. Any advice would be certainly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!

    Your father has some great advise and as the saying goes "Someday you will own a Bagger"
    So the choice is yours.....:)
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    Thanks, I'll copy and paste to the softail thread. Thanks again for the info!
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    Welcome,and a big thank you for your time in service.
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    Welcome to the forum and especially thank you for your service!
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    Welcome to The Forum:wce:rider
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws

    Thank you for your service!
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! This site is AWESOME! So much information! I have not spent so much time on a computer in my life as I have the last few days. Thanks again!
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    Welcome from Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta!


    Be sure to take a few minutes to read through this and your stay here will be long and pleasant!

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