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    Well it's winter here in Milwaukee, WI. The snow is on the ground and the battery tender is hooked up with her little green light glowing nicely. I don't put a lot of miles on per year but I ride as much as I can. Thinking I'd find some poor souls missing the riding season I thought I'd looked around for a sane forum with like minded members and not TOO much crazy stuff going on. Low and behold and found HD Talking. Been lurking for awhile and found sometimes the crazy stuff can make sense too. About myself; I've been riding a looooong time, like since I was 15 in 65. Had a whole bunch of bikes from Italian to Japanese and in 1983 I bought my first HD an FLH, paid $2500 with 11k on the speedo. Thought I was paying to much at the time - foolish me! Since I've had about 5 HD'S leading up to the current 2010 FLHTK. 2009 my little brother an I retired and decided to celebrate with our longest ride to date. Yup did the Arctic circle. 31 days and 12000 miles we left Milwaukee to Montana to Calgary to the Alcan (what's left of it) and headed to Alaska. The trip went so fast we decided to come back through California and head to Mexico. Through Texas we decided to hit Juarez Mexico. Not someplace I'd like to live. But that made North American with only a few eastern states left for 49 states. We have a few Canadian Provence s left and we found if you don't act to crazy or say something really stupid Canada is a nice place, friendly, warm and open. If your doing Canada exchange your dollars before you leave, the bank exchange charges on you debit card will leave you scratching your head. So in 2010 we finished the east with a week in NYC. flew the wives out for that one. With all this riding we always take time out to see the sights. Tail of the Dragon, Chief Joseph, Bear tooth pass, Lolo pass, Calf red woods, Death Valley, Great salt lake, Mt St Hellen, MT. EVENS (12k feet), Graceland, AND EVERYTHING in between. Like the man says,"I've been everywhereman". The smokey mountains, Maine lobster, New Orleans oisters, Little big horn, how about Jackson Hole or Medicine Bow. Yellow Stone! The past 3 years the wife started riding with me, done Texas three times her sister lives there. Last year we did Texas (again) along with Louisiana (shes a good passenger) and a weekend trip around Lake Michigan ending with the high speed ferry across the pond. 40 MPH on a boat that big is a trip in it's self. We're looking forward to more days on the road and other places to explore. Its never the destination, only the ride. As I'm writing this I'm thinking yah I miss the riding weather. Thanks! dw
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    Welcome to the forum! :cheers
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    :wbs From the Rocky Mountains. Looks like you've put your fare share of miles behind you.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :s
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    Welcome to The Forum:D
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome from Pittsburgh, Pa.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome here. I was just remembering back in the winter of 64/65 I went on my first long ride, well it was long for me. On my Yamaha YL1, I rode to the state line in like 25 degree weather. I was cold, my butt was sore and it was like only 80 miles there and back. Now that ride brings a smile to my face. The bike was black and I was cool. So many years later we understand the saying " if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand". Its in our blood.
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    Welcome from So. Texas.