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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by mattgus5, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Just wanted to say hello to you all. Just bought my first bike recently, its a 2010 Iron & I'm kinda just getting used to it. I dont have much to compare it to,but so far, it seems nice. I changed the pipes to the VH short shots and did the stage 1 kit with the screaming eagle air filter. I'm taking the heat shields off the pipes tomorrow and wrapping them with some DEI (?) exhaust wraps. Anyways...I just installed the new solo spring seat from Harley, does anyone else have this? If so how do you like it so far? Recent surgery is keeping me off the bike for at least 3 weeks. Throw in a pic of your bike & the seat if you have any....So....anyways....looking foreward to checking this forum out...thx

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    Welcome Mattgus5 to the HDTimeline forum. There will be other that will be able to answer your question...but in the meantime you may want to look in the Sportster section on the home page or look at the tabs near the top of this page either Self Help Tips for specific subjects you may have questions about or the Search using keywords like Sportster, Iron or Nightster; Enjoy the ride! :D

    BTW one of our resident experts Hobbit 'cross the pond in merry ol' England has his bike with wrapped pipes and tell you the pros and cons...
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    Hey...thanks for the info on that. This is the first forum I have ever posted on, but have been reading them for some time now. Now...i'm not sure what you mean...I dont use the bike as a daily driver. So far I have just been banging around on it when the weather is nice and I feel like getting away for a bit. Does it make a difference if its a daily driver (as in your case)?
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    Great info on the pipe wrapping
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I think Hobbit got more life out of his warped pipes because the bike is used daily. Less frequent use will allow the moisture that forms to stay sandwiched between the pipe and the wrap causing a more rapid failure.

    We use the wrap for for our race bikes in an effort to keep the exhaust gas hot thereby increasing the velocity of the exhaust gas. This use of the wrap results in header pipes getting replaced on a yearly basis.

    Ride safe and enjoy your Lron.