New Hope,Pa and Loud Pipes

Discussion in 'North East' started by cyborg, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Read the comments after the article. Lot of pent up anger in New Hope.
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    A quote from the article.

    "When they get to the traffic lights, the macho thing is to sit there and vroom, vroom, vroom," he said. "It turns people off."

    I have to agree. It only takes one, as in so many things in life, to ruin it for all. JMHO
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    The local law in NewHope seem to want to remove the sterotype that NewHope is a biker stop.
    They really give you a hard time from everything from Colors, to Parking to Loud Pipes
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    I venture to guess that they like that biker money and will whine like Myrtle Beach when it goes away.
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    I've been in New Hope during weekends and I can tell you this, 80% of tourist are Bikers, everywhere you look, Bikers are everywhere, from one end of the town to the other end of the town, once in awhile, some Bikers snaps the throttle just to let cagers know they are there and don't cut them off, if you ride with a group, no problem but if you ride alone, more likely you will get cut off by cager. Almost every bussiness along the street are welcome Bikers 'cause we spent $$$$$, if the township starts ticketing loud pipes, Bikers will find somewhere else to spend their $$$ and the town will lose their avenue/bussinesses and might become a "ghost town".
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    Glad I read this thread.I was considering visiting New Hope this weekend.Time for plan B!
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    what Searider04 said...

    From where I live New Hope was a nice day’s ride, and a lot of bikers go there in the warmer months. I hope EVERY biker that hears about this Boycott’s New Hope, PA. Without the bikers in the summer,, this town will be hurting for business.
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    Articles like this one kind of make me wonder. I wonder a lot anyway. Old people do that.

    I love riding my bike but I am a conservative rider. I have SE II's and a stage 1 on my bike so it is louder than stock but the way I ride most people don't notice. We have about 8 billion Harleys in my area and there are some riders even I can't stand. They sit at a light and you would swear they had a spasm in their right wrist. They don't keep up with traffic, they accelerate at full throttle and then back off. They don't stay in line, they are weaving in and out.

    My point is: the general public does not like us much to begin with. We have a stereotypical image that we need to overcome to be a bit more accepted to the general public. I can understand a small town disliking bikers; knowing what bikers do when they get together. Not every town wants to be a Sturgis. I doubt if that will change anytime soon, on both sides.

    I am just an old guy on a Harley. I love my bike more than anything and it really bothers me when people look at me with pre-existing prejudices because they have seen riders with wrist spasms at stop lights or pipes loud enough to be heard in the next county.

    I figure we can have it one of two ways. We can try and adjust a bit and be less intrusive or we can continue to be loud and in-your-face and deal with towns and people being angry at us and wanting us out.

    If I have offended anyone in here I am sorry. I know I will receive a lot of flack for this post. I bought my first Harley 8 months ago and the one thing that surprised me was the suspicious looks and stares I get because I am riding one. It is my 14th bike and it is the first time it has happened to me. All I am doing is riding and trying to have a good time.
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    I typically visit New Hope 4-5 times a summer. While not exactly buddy-buddy, the cops have been cordial and courteous. I have never been hasseled, never even been glared at. Several years ago I was riding with a group of 6 bikes that got pulled over outside of New Hope. I don't believe they were even NH cops. It was 'paperwork check'. One guy got a ticket for a suspended license. We all had after market pipes (some pretty loud) and not one ticket was issued for that.

    I"ve sat at the sidewalk cafe's in town and watched the endless string of bikes on main street. Most of the riders behave with restraint, but there are the IDIOTS!! that insist on doing a quick burnout, or a first gear redline run, or mindlessly reving the engine while sitting in traffic or at the curb.
    Interestingly, those are usually the guys who complain about being 'hasseled'.

    Do the cops enforce the laws? Of course. If you know that they do that and insist on pushing the limits then it's your own (edited) fault if you get a ticket. They've changed the parking laws in the last couple of years from 3 bikes to a spot to as many as will 'fit between the lines'. So, if you park in a spot and the rear wheel is over the line is that breaking the law. Yes.

    Speaking of parking spots, I have never seen someone park their bike and not drop a quarter in the meter. No matter how much time was on the dial. See, there's another law.. if the meter runs out every bike in that spot gets a ticket. I don't see that as unfair. There's probably over $100k in the spot, each rider can't afford a quarter???

    The merchants that I've done buisness with have ALL been polite, friendly, and courteous and look forward to MOST bikers visiting their town.

    It really is a nice little town and the run up and down the river is very enjoyable.

    Please read this...
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