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King Kobra

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Hey guys new here, i just posted in the New members introdction area. I also uploaded a picture of my new to me soon to be Sportster, in the gallery that I am receiveing as a Birthday gift from good ole Dad. I can't post a link yet as i have to have 20 posts but it is the black 2004 1200 with Gold Flames and Skull on the tank.
Anyways just wanted to say hello to the Sportster owners here and look forward to learnign from you guys/gals.
By any chance do you know how to get the tripmeter to read? I to am new and just got a 2004 custom 1200, and no manual.
What are you referring to with the trip odometer? The DTC (trouble) Codes?

Guess I don't expect a reply judging on the post date of this thread... 01-24-2007 :D
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