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New HD Crossbones

I saw one at the dealer yesterday. LOVED IT. The springed seat & springer fork is really retro...I'm a sucka for old style bikes.
Saw it today...AWESOME! My dealer is going to trick this first one out with air suspension, (slam it on the ground baby), and other un-spoken COOL upgrades. Not the rocker and GOOD THING. This bike I Love!! Kudos Harley!!!:D
Uh-huh. Sorry if I don't hold my breath waiting to meet them!
This thing is starting to look more and more like H-D's version of the Edsel. Leans to the ugly side and nobody's overly fond of it
My old boss in Jersey had a 59 Edsel, what a sled that thing was, ugly and about a city block long! It turned some heads, not sure why?
I have one and I put 2400 miles on it this summer, Only issue I have is HD seems slow in getting accessories out for it! Anyone know if a standard soft tail highway bar will fit this frame? New guy so don't laugh too hard or I'll nuke ya!