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Hey Everybody, any tips on handlebar instalation? I bought Wild One's w502's 12.5 inch mini apes for my 02 Road King Classic. I have the bible for it but the crusie control issue is a little unclear for the throttle cable. I have yet to buy the new lines because i forgot to order my chrome cash from my visa but its on the way 4-6 weeks!:cry The nacelle is already apart and I pulled the exhaust to get to the tranny. I havent drained any fluids so not to get any dirt or dust. I did buy the electical extensions and that seems pretty cut and dry. So I am at a stand still till the cash comes in. Maybe I'll raise the fuel tank today. Thanks Torg
Hi Levtorg,I am wanting to go with the same bars you have,The 502 mini apes.Can you tell me some part numbers and ballpark price on the cables and lines.I have a 05 Custom but alll should be the same except the Cruise.Custom don't have it.Did you have to change cables and lines or did you just want to?


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The bars were 219 from Wild Ones but the shipping was $40. Try the dealer first if they do not charge the shipping. I was told from the dealer to go with +6 on the cables but I wanted to goto braided anyway, should be about 200 to 250. I have heard of guys paying 1900 for the install. I'll let you know the part #s for the cables when I get them.
Thats affordable,Someone told me about 800-1000.Thats out of the question for me,I just can't pay that for bars and cables.What your saying is not to bad.