New handlebar install...check engine light

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Justintime, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Ok, so today I installed the bars (Wild 1 518s). Went well or at least I thought it did. I had to extend both the right and left wiring harness. The TBW cable was plenty long enough as was the clutch cable. The brake cable is too tight for my liking but it doesn't bind. Here is the part that (EDITED) I have a check engine light! All functions on the grip controls are working (turn signals, cruise control etc.). The bike seems to run fine but I don't want to torch my new ride. Any ideas? I have the service manual but of course under "check engine" light it refers you to the electrical diagnostics manual which I don't have. Is there a way to see what the fault is without going to the dealer?:newsmile058:

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    Justintime; no pinched wires & all harnesses back together/tight. Did you grease the connections? Run the codes & see if it narrows down the problem...
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    I ran the codes...came up with P1510, P2127 and P2138. Comes up with 32933-10 as a part number but I can't cross it anywhere to see if it really is the TGS module. Anyone have a parts manual and the time to see what this is? I guess I messed something up with the TGS so it's coming apart again.
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    All 3 codes are TBW control pots issues. The part number means nothing. Disregard the number

    The twist grip wires have a problem.
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    I had the same issue when I put on my Wild 1 Chubbies. Tell me, you started the bike and twisted the throttle?? I bet if you twist the throttle you will get nothing. TBW harness come unhooked on you. Go, drink a beer or three, then pull it back apart to hook it back up. (I know the feeling all too well, so does my garage wall....) I used some dielectric grease in the connection and some duct tape to hold it together good and tight. Don't use too much or you wont get it fed through the bars. Best of luck to you.
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    Thanks Hoople. I took everything apart and double checked the connections. I even hooked up the TGS outside the bars to see if the green connector was the problem. Still had the engine light and codes. I went to my dealer today to see if they might have a TGS module in joy. The parts guy did tell me that he had the same problem when he did his bars and that the shop guys were able to clear the ECM and that solved the problem. I put everything back together again and took a ride (dealer said driving it wouldn't be a problem), the bike seems to run normal or at least the same. The parts guy said wait a few days and then bring it in...he said it will be covered under the warranty. I guess we'll see. Thanks to all for the help and suggestions.
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    Hoople, I did a simple riser mod to my 09 Road King, and immediately logged the same codes. Checked and cleaned all connections, as per the many posts I read about this, no help. In checking the twist grip sensor, I found the 3 red, white, black wires in the yellow wrapping, and the same 3 color wires in black wrapping, but also found a larger black wire not connected to anything. Where does this wire connect ?
    p.s I tried to clear the codes, but they would not clear. Thanks in advance