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New Gas Tank



I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the 5 gal tank will work on the older V-Rods. I want to keep my '05 but am finding out the gas tank is just too small for my type of riding. If it doesn't fit - I'm going to hafta either sell it or trade it. But you're right Maureen - what will the value of the 3 gal bikes be vs. the 5 gal bikes?

Not a good deal from Harley if ya ask me. Maybe all of us Rod owners ought to lobby Harley to get a retrofit.

Hi Johalber,

Just yesterday the dealer staff reported that Harley said during the dealer meeting this last weekend that the 5 gal tank is not retrofitable. The frame has been changed on the 07 to accommodate the bigger tank.

History has shown HD doesnt give a rats ass about your already purchased bike holding its value. There only concern is their present model value!
If you think about it, every motor company, whether it be motorcycles or cars/trucks, upgrade models every few years. And retrofits are the exception, free of charge, you are dreaming. It aint just Harley.

I tend to agree that all companies do this. They make improved models without concern for current or previous owners. It is not about the consumer it’s about the money.