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new fuel gauge, wiring ? fuel injected model 07' Road King/Softail

I have an 07' Road King FLHR and I am in the process of installing one of the LED type fuel gauges. I have the 07' HD touring service manual with the wiring diagrams. I am a little puzzled as to this connection that the instructions are referring to as Speedometor connector (39B). I have found the connection (39) in my wiring diagrams and have located the yellow/white wire that the insructions are referring. but cannot locate the (39B) connector. The one that I have located is mounted directly behind the speed-o.

I am trying to decide wheter the instructions are referring to ther connector that is directly behind the speed-o or the other end of the cable located just in front of the fuel tank left front side.

Is it just me, or are these HD instructions that come with their accessories really hard to decipher without reading at least 10 times? I have everything routed but HD had an extension grey colored wire that complicated things, as this was not wired with the stock fuel gauge.

Thanks for any possible ideas as to which connector they are referring to.

Gday hd.road.king,

I cant help you with your problem, but just wanted to say i admire your courage to attempt the task.
Im no tech, so anything needs doing on my machine gets done in the shop.:rolleyes:

Ill watch this thread to see if someone has the answer... Good luck.

I would assume that the 39B is a ground wire, (thus the B=black), probably the wire you located already.:confused:
Hey thanks guy's,

I got it figured out! Man, I think that HD needs to get some new instruction writers:D . I have always done all of my own work on my bikes since I was a kid with my motocrossers, although they were two strokers.
Those HD service manuals are like the holy grail of books. I might pick up a couple more to have handy, 1 for the throne, 1 for the garage & 1 for the living room coffee table.

Those L.E.D lights are really cool on those gauges, I did the skull style. The only thing that I need to re-tweak is go back into the speed-o and find the low fuel idicator and bypass it. The little light is now on in the speed-o. The new gauge has a little red LED that comes on when the fuel hits the OH-OH mark. If you do try one of those L.E.D style gauges the install is very straight forward unless you are installing into the fuel injected models. They have a huge problem in the instructions trying to explain what to do with the grey wire. They could have made it very simple by just saying bypass the 117 connector completely and just splice the 2 grey wires together. On another forum one of the members told me the "B" just meant the other end of the connector (male & female) HD recommends using this special tool to remove the wire from inside the stock speed-o housing. The (39-B) is the 3rd wire in on the bottom of the connector, once you pull the connector free from the speed-o you will see the sire, it is yellow/white. I just found one of my diamond micro tip dremel bits and was able to remove the wire from the (39)B connector. If you start the installation, you will come to the head scratching part of the grey wire part. Just e-mail me if you run into trouble with what they are describing.

I just picked up a new oil pressure gauge today and I am going to start trying to decipher the HD code tonight before attempting the install tomorrow.

I have attached a couple of pics of the gauge lit up the low fuel idicator is really cool, the bottom light will turn blue and then when it hits the low fuel warning the blue light will turn red. I had to take the photo with no flash, the flash was killing the LED effect. Nice BLING!!

Thanks again,

Thanks again,


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