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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by paraord, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. paraord

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    Hey Guys,
    New here from Rochester. I picked up a 1980 Superglide with a 93" stroker last year for 500 bucks. Believe it or not thats all the cash I had into the bike. Took me 3 years of trading stuff but I got one. Went from an 80 dollar .22 rifle, to a 450 dollar side by side muzzleloader to a boat motor and trailer to a 2004 Honda 400ex quad, then traded that quad, 2 shotguns, and 500 bucks for this scoot.
    Not too bad if i say so my self. So at anyrate hello everyone! Heres a pic of it

    first thing I did was ditch the hypercharger and actually let her breath with an S&S.

    Looks like I cant post a pic of it yet I need 5 posts. :small3d023:
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, been a while since I built a Stroker, you got a sweet deal post some pics when u can :ws:rider
  3. paraord

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    Thanks Jack! I will post pics as soon as I can. Its been a little neglected this winter, my Ironhead has been my project since november (got it as a box of parts, traded an 84 yamaha virago for it actually). I have to fiddle with a few things. Its been belching oil out the breather (pretty sure its just a bad check ball) and the kicker slips off now and then (think it just needs another washer shim) but we will see.
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET". Be sure to check out the Self Help Area for great tips and advice on maintaining your bike.. Enjoy your stay!!!
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    Great to have you aboard! :ws:rider
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    Welcome from Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta!


    Be sure to take a few minutes to read through this and your stay here will be long and pleasant!

    Harley Davidson Community

    BTW - I grew up in the Rochester area and graduated from Gates-Chili in 1975. What part of the city are you in?