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    Hi all.

    I'm Tony, and I bought my first Harley on Saturday. '04 Ultra Classic in blue with half a century on the clock. Love the bike, but it's already given me headaches. I got the dipstick issue with the stupid LCD gauge, was broken already and I didn't know it. Never seen one before, how was I supposed to know, right? Found out because the dang thing tried to kill me after popping out whenever it felt like it. The fairing is missing a couple mounting screws, so it rattles, easy fix. 1/4-20x1/2" if I'm right. Seems a little loud in the top end, but I've come from Hondas, so it might be normal, I don't know. Been riding on and off for over 15 years, so I'm definitely not new to bikes, just HD. I got a great deal on her from the dealer, met the PO as well, so I got some history on the bike.

    Me, I'm a gearhead from childhood, haven't found much I can't or won't tackle (except brake line bending), and a 10 year Army Soldier. Getting out somewhat soon, may be continuing in my current line of work, but I'm interested in changing to something like a Fish and Game or Conservation Officer type job, got some free schooling coming.

    Anyways, looking forward to great information on here, and I'll probably lurk more than I post, at least until I see something I can contribute to.

    Have a great day!
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT and Thank you for your service!
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    Welcome to the Forum
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    Welcome to the forum from Jacksonville, FL! Ride safely! Thanks for your service. 20-year Navy retiree here. Take advantage of that GI Bill bennies. I let my vietnam-era bennies run out because I had a family with kids and got a job that didn't allow too much opportunity to attend school. Kicking myself for it now! Think long and hard about jumping out of the Army. Don't know what your MOS is but contrary to popular belief, employers are NOT waiting out here in civvie-land with open arms and $100,000/year managerial jobs for those getting out.
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    Thanks for the welcome, and you are welcome! Thanks for your service, Jim!

    I know there's not a lot of jobs out there for most, but the Army hooked me up. I'm an Occupational Therapy Assistant in San Antonio- They send me job offers in the mail, they call me, and today I emailed a recruiter asking what he wanted for information- He told me to send him my work experience, and he will make my resume for me! How's that for in demand? Blew my mind! Won't be $100k, but it'll pay the bills and a little extra. Be a big help once the wife finishes school, she's going to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. Then we'll be over $100k/year.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.

    Thank you for your service!