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    Hey y'all! New to the site - heard that it's the best one out here in Cyber Space, so I thought I'd join as I purchased my first Harley about a month or so ago.

    Anyway, I'm from Houston and purchased my bike on eBay from a gentleman in Tennessee. I've bought several vehicles on eBay and have had great luck, and my new bike is no exception.

    The bike I purchased is a 1995 Heritage Softail Nostalgia with custom paint and seat and many extras. She's currently at the shop undergoing a general "physical" just to make sure it doesn't come unglued while rollin' down the highway. Also changing out some parts whiles she's there.

    My Harley addiction began as a kid when I found an old photo of my dad ridin' his Knucklehead at college in Virginia. The photo dates from somewhere between 1949 - 1953 -- back then, if you rode a motorcycle, you were considered a bit of a "bad boy," so I find it somewhat humerous that he was quite likely the ONLY student at UVA to have one.

    The bike was called "Betsy" after my dad's roommate painted - without permission - the name in white on the two black saddlebags! Unfortunately, ol' "Betsy" was the "jealous type," which ultimately led to her demise.

    One day, while one of my his friends was trying to impress a few "Betties" on "Betsy's" back, his inexperience resulted in the usual, accidental clutch pop, which led him out of control and straight through a boxwood hedge, accross a yard, up the steps and right through the nearby Fraternity House door... It makes my dad (and me) cringe to think of such an ill fate for such a beautiful bike.

    Anyway, at age 4, ol' dad built me a little lawnmower bike. It had a Tecumseh 2.5hp pull start motor, was red with a tan seat, and the brake was a slightly convex plate of metal that would rub against the tread of the rear tire (activated by right foot). That little thing would haul butt...

    Since then, I've ridden all kinds of bikes, but have mostly stuck to the offroad. I've done a great deal of enduro-style riding, a little motocross, and have ridden all over Northern Baja on my XR600. I used to ride my dad's 1979 Honda 750four around Houston when I was 15 and later had a Honda Hurricane, although it didn't take long to realize how stupid THAT was.

    Over the last few years, I got away from bikes and into classic cars and boats, but recently re-kindled my love for the two-wheeled machines. Sold a beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS a couple months ago and bought the '95 FLSTN. Ironically, my bike is red with tan seat, just like that first little lawnmower bike that dad built. This one has better brakes, though!

    After purchasing the bike, I wanted to make a few minor changes, which is what has led me here. I've noticed that there seems to be a major inconsistency with what parts fit what, which is super frustrating.

    At any rate, the bike is a very rich, deep red/burgundy with very feint ghost flames. It came with a tan (like peanut butter) LePera "silhouette" seat with a matching shorty sissybar and back pad. The bike had Vance & Hines shortshots and an S&S Carb and several other extras. I have changed the pipes to Samson true duals with the 28.5" longtail fishtails, swapped out the Harley "knuckle bars" with some 1.25" Burly beach bars, and found some fat spoke wheels that I couldn't pass up due to the price. I relocated the front turn signals to beneath the front passing/auxillary lamps and have a couple other minor things being done to it. It's currently in the shop and I should be picking it up in a couple days - I can't wait...

    Well, that's about it. I'm glad to be here and I certainly appreciate the many benefits of this forum. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the Forum from Virginia
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    :wce Nice bike!!!
    Ride Safe!!!
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! So glad to have you on board on the best SITE on the NET for Harley issues and concerns. If you have a question about your bike, then just fire the question and with all the knowledge thats on here you will be given an answer shortly to help you resolve the issue. The moderators and members here are the greatest people you will meet. Take full advantage of this site and you will be totally PLEASED without a doubt. I have read from many members posts about how much money they have saved by getting the help they needed right here, and not sending it to a mechanic and getting charged big $$$$$!!! I hope you enjoy your stay!!! Be safe on the highways and byways!!:bigsmiley23::ws

    A warm welcome from Southern Kentucky!!! Yes we have motorcycles in this part of the world!!:lolrolling
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    Welcome aboard from Canada.
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    Thanks guys! Looking forward to my stay here.
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    Thanks Doc!
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    Welcome from Indiana...........
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    Welcome aboard from Central Florida!