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    well i made a new friend 2 day. a man who was once a mechanic at a local dealer that had some issues with the dealer when the bike he was test riding was hit by a car that ran a stop sign and he lost his right foot. i don't know the details. but he works outta his own shop dad had his cam tensioner upgraded to the SE HYDRALIC well he was picking his old parts up and a guy asks...u need those old parts? dad said well my son has laid claim to them but i'll give him ur # so i called him he told me a close friend of his has a cam tensioner failure and he i very limited on how much he could spend to fix it...I know how it feels to have a bike broke down and no cash to fix it. so i told the mechanic shoot fire just take all the parts except the oil pump (the parts on dads bike had very little to no wear at all) and told him any parts here that are better than his use them. well we talked HD for about an hour and i told him i'd be doing my tensioner upgrade before long but like my dad i'd be letting my local dealer do it for me because i didn't have the tools.....he said well i have Evey tool u need to change the inner cam bearings,pres the new bearings in the cam plate etc. then he said just bring ur bike to my shop we will do the task together no charge........i allmost hit the floor (no labor charge)
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    You may find that just by knowing this gentleman, things can go a long way.
    What a very nice gesture to help you out.
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    The opportunity to work with an experienced mechanic should never be missed go with an open mind and watch very carefully how he does things even simple things like layout of tools etc
    you have the opportunity to learn a lot of stuff
    when i am doing work on other peoples bikes i only do it while they are there and get them to help as much as possible so they can learn

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    went by his shop yesterday gave him a hand putting rocker box assembly together super nice guy
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    You have found a treasure:s
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    You certainly have found a treasure. I'm sure if you treat him right he will do right by you and it will be like having all his experience at you're beckon call. A friendship like this is priceless. It sounds as if you have a pretty big heart yourself.