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Hi Gazzaboo here, joined just recently but not posted as yet. I have just moved to Dhahran in Saudi and I am about to buy a 883 low rider. Borrowed a bike to try out the roads and rode out into the desert towards Riyadh. It was 46 degrees and I got caught in a sand storm. It was worst than being in rain or fog, couldn't see or breath. Got a bit worried as I had not experienced anything like this before but what an adventure to start off with.
Anybody else been in conditions like this and any advice both for me and my new bike when it arrives?
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we have them here in AZ and I ride thru them it is dangerous to stop someone might rearend you they can't see either.
Hope I never experience a sand storm myself like you did but I'll bet it can be a bit unnerving to be in especially on a bike.
I have been talking to some of the riders out here. Best option is don't go out if there are sand storm warnings. Others say if you get caught stop at the side of the road but clear of the road so that others dont get too close. I have met hog members at Damman and they have invited me on a ride with them. They all carry bike covers and camp down if they get caught out.