new exhaust pipes - true or false?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kingmaggot, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Good morning all, this is my 1st post here.
    I ride a 1992 FXSTC (high compression motor, Python II pipes since 1996). I am in the process of giving the machine a face-lift, costmetics for the most part, however, after a 3500 mile round trip from central Florida to 2009 Laconia and back, and listening to my buddy's bike with Python III for 5 days, I decided to retire my Python II (they have served me very well over the yrs - nothing wrong with them) for Python III - but they are not being manufactured for my 1992!!! so, for the 1st time I am considering short pipes based on the literature presented by some manufacturers such as:
    - Samson's Legend Series - shorties.
    - Hokker's Rebel Darksides.
    - Python's Staggered Duals.
    - Super Trapp's Mean Mothers II - shorties.
    - Vance & Hines Shortshot.
    I am fully aware of the price (performance-wise) you pay for running drag pipes, however these companies claim: "that their pipes have been developed and tested to significantly increase performance throughout the entire RPM range", "they allow top-end horse-power without sacrificing low-end torque" "better flow and scavaging properties" and on - "these new generation short pipes are not your parents drag pipes"!! ...blah, blah,blah
    Are any of the listed pipes any better or equivalent to my Python II?
    I am simply looking for an up-grade to my old Python IIs - performance and sound is what I am interested in. Good looking pipes thta are freaking loud is not what I want. ANY FEED-BACK WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THNAKS.
  2. PonchoDoc

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    Vance and Hines have some of the best sounding non obnoxiously loud pipes Ive heard, but for performance everything Ive read says to go with 2-1 for performance. I got the long shots love the sound but will be getting 2-1 for my winter upgrade.
  3. B-1B_Guy

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    V&H makes a great product. Make sure you check out Supertrapp....I've been running them on my last few HD's and have been very impressed with the power gains. I don't have dyno data to back me up; however, I've felt the difference. Big difference between usable power and dyno "top end" power. Make sure the pipe you choose will produce power in the RPM range that you ride. Supertrapps sound good, throaty and not obnoxiously loud. JMO......
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    hooker has discontinued motorcycle pipes, if you go to their website you can get them for about $160.00, i just put the rebel darksides on my 88 flhtc and (WOW!!!!!), best sound and performance i've ever had
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    I have the Vance & Hines big shot long's on my 06 FLSTC nice sound they have a 2-1 chamber like a 2-1. They are very hard to fine tune (to long of a pipe) on a power commanderIII. When I change the exhaust I'm going with BUB's 7, 2-1 pipe.