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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by jwquinn, Oct 14, 2013.

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    So, I installed a Doebeck Gen3 on my softail over the weekend. I shopped around quite a bit in my search for a better efi than what came stock with the bike, and after reading the comments on other threads, went with the Doebeck. I got a great price on it too - 30% veterans discount!

    I'm on a 2012 FLSTC that I picked up a year ago. I had earlier added the SE Stage 1 Air kit, Rush 1.75 slash cut slip ons, and had the stock ECU flashed after that.

    The Gen 3 is with the bypass, so I was able to take the o2 sensors out of the loop.

    The process wasn't as easy I thought it was going to be. Here are some of the things I ran into:

    - I had to pull the tank. I had removed the air cleaner on the right and the pulled the horn aside on left, and I just could not get my hands on the injector sockets. It was much easier after pulling the tank - but - the tank is a bit more hassle. The crossover fuel line is a little tricky. Pick up a couple of hose clamps before you start and make sure you've got something to catch the gas. No matter how empty you get the tank, there will be some residual

    - With the bypass, you have to plug the pigtail that runs from the sensor. I ended up using some good electrical tape to cover the pin sockets, and then put shrink tubing over that. It'll last for quite a while.

    - I would have liked a better place on the bike to mount it. No side covers, and room under the seat is limited. I have it velcroed to battery.

    - The unit came with 3 zip ties, but I added a couple more to make sure the wires were routed like I wanted them. 3 wasn't enough.
    I was concerned when I hooked it up to power. The first and last led's on the face of unit alternated red/green flashing as soon as I attached the ground wire.. Doebeck says this us a connection error, but I triple-checked everything. After about 10 seconds that stops, and the bike started right up. I did the test run today - no issues at all, and the lights look normal. I've got an email in to tech support - I'll post the response when I get it.

    The test ride went very well. I noticed a slight increase in torque, but the better change was how smooth everything was. Acceleration, downshifting all seemed much better. A better power curve though the gears. Bike seemed to run cooler too, but not really easy to tell: I have an oil cooler installed, and the bike already runs cool. And maybe it's me, but vibration seems less too.

    All the pops I was getting on downshifting are gone! I would occasionally also get a pop when shifting from 2 -3 and 3-4. All gone.

    Next, a set of cams! That will likely be the last thing I do to the bike.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away!
  2. Iceman24

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    Good deal for you and now make sure to monitor your mileage for a few tanks before making adjustments. Let that tuner marry itself to your bike & then it's time to tinker a bit. Eventually I adjusted the accel and cruise fuel down a tad to increase mpg's back to +40.

    I installed my 1st tuner (TFI) without pulling tank, but it definitely was tight fit getting to connectors and tucking wires. When I upgraded to the GEN3, pulled tank and it was 1000% easier. Having that large weight out of the way is the recommendation from now on. Enjoy that new found power!
  3. doctor727

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    I installed mine this weekend as well. Noticed the same improvements. Be sure that you ask DoBeck for settings after you put the cams in. It does make a difference as that makes it stage 2.
  4. jwquinn

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    Msgt - yeah pulling the tank made it much easier. I'll be keeping an eye on mileage and adjusting as I need to.

    The cams will be another story, and I know I'll have to adjust the tfi after those are installed. I think that's about as far as I'll go with engine mods, although....I'm thinking about a complete exhaust replacement now that the o2 sensors are out of the loop. Lots of choices.

    Back to the cams for a sec - I've pretty much settled on S&S 583's. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm a pretty easy going rider, mostly under 4k on the tach.
  5. Breeze3at

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    The 583's should make you happy. Torque right off the bottom.
  6. Slo-Ryd

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    583's are a good choice for your motor. I settled on the Andrews 21's on my little 88" and am extremely happy the way it runs paired up with the Gen 3 Dobeck. Pulls strong from way down low. Congrats on the install.... Now go enjoy it :D
  7. jwquinn

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    I put about 40 miles on the test ride yesterday, and that went well. I have a little run I do with a good friend of mine that involves riding, breakfast, riding, lunch and riding. Arizona is nice this time of year - good time to be on the road. Thanks for the tips!