New brake fluid in an abs system

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  1. W V WEASEL 103

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    I have a 2011 flhtk time to change the brake fluid. What is the proper procedure for this and is it something the average person can do with limited tools or is this something that should be left to the shop. I have red about the digital tech 11 but not sure what it is and if it is needed if you are only changeing out the fluid and not draining the system completely
  2. 90FXRS

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    The digital tech is used to hold open the valves and energize the abs unit so the fluid can flush through the entire system. I've read on various sites that as long as you don't introduce air into the system you can do it as you would non-abs systems. I am not advising you to deviate from the service manual. I would think this is one system not to be compromised. I'm sure others who are more knowledgable about abs maintenance will be chiming in soon.
  3. W V WEASEL 103

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    Is it even necessary to change the brake fluid this often or could it be stretched out to three years.
  4. gusotto

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    I don't have ABS but the bike is stored at the dealership so I asked about getting the brake fluid flushed/replaced.
    It is original fluid and the build date was Oct. 2006 for my 2007 Ultra.

    It's time!

    Said it would probably take 45 minutes or so.
    I'll let them do it as they have the tools and knowledge.

    ABS is a different critter and I'd let them do it.
    They have the special tools required with ABS brakes.
    Brakes are something I want to work correctly, all the time.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    The manual says 2 years for a reason. IMO, it is an often over looked fluid. The clock is ticking with brake fluid as it is constantly taking on moisture, ever wonder why it gets a darker tint to it? That would be the fluid suspending rubber parts in the system breaking down, not worth the gamble IMO your safety and others on the road Priceless JMO Buy your fluid in as small a bottle as you can, remember once you open the container the fluid starts taking on moisture, I never keep fluid around more than I have too
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    I just changed my bars and cables and brake lines and I have 2008 ultra with abs brakes.I bled the brakes myself and they work fine. I did the front left than the right and than to the back took for test ride and everything work good so far