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Many times when someone buys a new bike, the question is asked about what do I need to do to it to get it to run right or better.

The answer that most often comes up is slip ons, stage 1 intake and a fuel controller. If you look through this tech section, you'll find a lot of info on the various fuel controllers and how they operate, not to mention a lot of answers to questions that get posted constantly.

Slipons or even a complete system are a matter of personal preference as one persons likes may not be the same as another persons likes. The head pipes on the stock bikes work well and slipons will usually take care of the sound issue for most.

Stage 1 intakes come in various types and sizes but fuel must be added when doing this modification because the fuel is very lean from the factory and the 02 sensors being narrow band will not adjust enough to give you the proper mixture for proper running.
Some dealers will tell you they will but you are chancing engine damage by not using a fuel controller to richen it up and the engine will run very hot with the lean mixtures.
Keep in mind that there are a lot of dealers that are really not "tuned in" to the needs of these bikes. Hopefully the tech working there will have enough training to do the right thing and advise you of the need for more fuel when doing these modifications.