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    I have been shopping local dealers for prices for a new bike. One of the dealers offers the following: Nitrogen fill for the tires (what does this do?) Auxilary brake light/running light turn signal. Battery tender. 1000 mile service included. Another dealer recommended against the Auxilary brake light/running light and says they can be trouble. Any recommendations?
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    The nitrogen in the tires is a waste because the tires will be worn out long before the benefits are realized IMO. It's supposed to negate the constant checking of air pressures in the tires.

    Battery tender is about a $35 purchase, no biggie there.

    The aux brake light is OK but I find that the running light is so bright that it appears to be the brake light on all the time and followers think it's the brake light. Could be confusing. I rode behind a bud that had it and we made him ride last because of this.

    The "free" service is only as good as the dealer is because if it's for "free" it could be done in a bunch of different ways like a quick once over.:s

    Do the services yourself and negotiate a better price for the bike.
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    Thank you Glider
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    From what I understand on the '09's SG with cruise control, the aux brake light will interfere with it running properly, so I think it depends on the bike you're looking at. I had the aux brake light on my old bike, but not with the running light part, it would just light up the turns on braking. I agree with Glider on the rest. Best T
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    Good Luck with your shopping... This part can be frustrating. In regards to the running lights, that runs about $50. in my area for the relay, it's not hard to install... I had it on my last bike & have it on my Heritage now (with no operating problems) I think it's a good investment, especially if you ride at night. Here are my thoughts... When there's a person behind you, I would'nt want them to wonder, if they are behind a 1-tail light car, or a bike... I think with the 3-abreast lights it distinguishes a bike much better, And I'm all about being as safe as I can when on 2-wheels... :D
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    I have the running and brake light on my 09UC and have had no problem.

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    As Glider says, those "add-ons" are not much to get excited about...

    Personally I would be more interested if they were throwing in HD accessories, QR Windscreen ($360), DOT Helmet ($80), Security Alarm II module ($100), Saddle if typical Reach or Sundowner is needed ($350) or other comfort or safety items. You could opt for Stage I update (if you knew what you wanted in advance), A/C, pipes and SE download, performance mods. That would be some of the "freebies" I would use as preferred items to negotiate a best and final out the door price.
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  8. Randall K. Wilson

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    Yeah..."SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
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    My dealer tells me that nitrogen filled tires need to be refilled or at least topped off to the correct pressure about once a year.They charge 10.00 per tire for this service.I'll stick with compressed air.
  10. Neilwillo

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    I agree 100% with Glider. The bits and pieces are not that significant enough to sign me up.

    And Glider was also 100% right about getting to know your bike by doing the services yourself. You get to know how it works and you get to know how it feels. (sorry i reckon bikes have personalities) Also, you get to choose the brand of oil you use and how often you change it.